03 Jul 2024

Next time, let’s experience that excitement in Japan!

I joined WorldSkills Kazan 2019,
before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred.
I still vividly remember the excitement of the Competition, which was the largest ever held.
The interactions with the students at the schools we visited
through the One School One Country Program,
and the experience of earnestly competing in skills with the Competitors,
have become a source of pride.
The WorldSkills Competition is a special event
where emotion and exchange can impact the future.
I would be delighted if I could connect with people
from around the world in Japan next time!

WorldSkills Kazan 2019 CHAMPION

Information Network Cabling / GOLD / Best of Nation
03 Jul 2024

Skills Change Lives!

I engaged in the Mechatronics competition with my partner,
and we won the gold medal at the 54th National Skills Competition in 2016.
And, I joined WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017.
Through daily training, we felt improvement and were stimulated
by the enjoyment and challenges of building team skills.
We experienced firsthand how skills can change lives.
I believe that the valuable WorldSkills Competition experience
has undoubtedly helped me grow as a person.
We champions will also fully support you in 2028!

WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 CHAMPION

Mr. OKANO Shoma
Mechatronics / GOLD / Best of Nation
03 Jul 2024

I would like more people to know about the power of skills!

I joined WorldSkills São Paulo 2015.
In São Paulo, many children visit every day,
watching our skills intently, taking notes, and asking adults questions.
I was surprised by how actively the children
engaged in their vocational education.
The power of skills enriches lives
and ultimately transforms society into a better place.
I felt like I witnessed so much potential, right before my eyes.
If Japan were to host the WorldSkills Competition again,
I hope to raise awareness about the power of skills to a wider audience.
From my perspective, people's awareness manifests as actions.
This eventually leads to a sustainable future.

WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 CHAMPION

Information Network Cabling / GOLD / Best of Nation
10 May 2024

We are looking forward to welcoming the WorldSkills Competition to Japan in 2028!

One School One Skill
Konan Junior High School students & Mr. HASEGAWA Takuma
National Skills Competition Japan 2023 Manual Turning / GOLD


10 May 2024

I'm looking forward to seeing you again in Japan !

I took part in the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition.
Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic,
I had the chance to meet competitors from many countries and regions.
Through this opportunity, I gained valuable experiences
that go beyond the competition and made cherished connections
that continue to this day.
I'm excited about the possibility of hosting
the WorldSkills Competition in Japan in 2028,
and I'm looking forward to meeting you again in Japan!

WorldSkills Competition 2022 SE CHAMPION

Information Network Cabling / GOLD / Best of Nation
EXEO Group, Inc.