One School One Skill

One School One Skill

One School One Skill Program is advance practice based on One SchoolOne Country Program.
At the WS2007, One School One Country Program was an initiative started by Japan's advocacy.
In One School One Skill Program, WS Medalist visit schools in nationwide,
demonstrating skills and experiencing skills together, and showcasing the possibilities of skills.
This is the NEXT TVET Program that learns everyone is a future bearer.

One School One Skill Program is under the cooperation of everyone who supports skills.
This is a co-project for the better future with WS Medalists.


One School One Skill spin-off event
“Skill Me!” launched

Medalist give the skills seed to children!
Through using real tools and machines,childrens learned the difficulty of skills, fun of skills, and what professional career is.
This Program is also a new effort that Medalists will support the vocational education training of the next generations.
And this is a pilot program aimed at creating a place for Medalists to showcase the role after the competition.

*Indsutrial Electronics
*Cabinet Making
*Mobile Robotics

@National Skills Competition 2018