WorldSkills Competition

World's greatest skills competition and vocational education showcase

WorldSkills Competition is held to promote vocational training and international friendship among young engineers. Once every two years, competitors from all over the world gather to compete for skill excellence. Competitors will participate by winning qualifying in countries and regions around the world. In 1950, the first competition was held between Spain and Portugal, and since 1962 Japan has participated in this historic and traditional competition. The competition is also a great opportunity for vocational education, as a place for children to see and experience excellence of skills.

WS2022 will be held in Shanghai

The 2022 Competition will be held in China / Shanghai.

The world championships of vocational skills are being held in Russia for the first time. Competitors will compete in 56 Skill areas across a wide range of industries and trades ranging from carpentry to mobile robotics, and from floristry to aircraft maintenance. The competitions at WorldSkills Kazan 2019 – and the associated Conference – will inspire young people to study vocational skills. The parent organization, WorldSkills, and its Member organizations promote skills across the globe.




Team Japan medalists

Impact the WorldSkills

WorldSkills Competition is not only a competition but also a learning place for children. Many children attended the WorldSkillsKazan2019 and experienced professional skills up close. In the venue, there are various opportunities for experiencing related skills, and the entire competition is used as a place for vocational education. The development of future leaders will be the vitality of the host country and will lead to the development of the local economy.

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