National Skills Competition

National Skills Competition

Japan's greatest skills competition and vocational education showcase

National Skills Competition is a skills competition that competes in Japan for the skill level of youth technicians.
Its purpose is to provide a goal for young engineers who will lead the next generation.
It is about appealing the importance and necessity of skills and fostering respect for skills.
Competitors who participate are selected by the Prefectural Vocational Ability Development Association, etc. (in principle 23 years old or younger).

In November 2018, The 56th National Skills Competition was held in Okinawa.
A total of 1,292 competitors from across the country participated in 42 skills competitions.
About 180,000 visitors gathered for the two-day and watched a heated competition.
In addition, the first ever complete simultaneous holding with the National Abilympics, a skill competition for disabled people, was realized.
It was also an opportunity to promote awareness of diversity in working and acquiring vocational skills.
Under the competition slogan of “Challenges for the Future”,
The joint opening ceremony was attended by more than 5,000 competitors and people involved, and the venue was filled with enthusiasm.

This year and next year

The 2019 and 2020 competitions will be held in Aichi for two consecutive years.

Next scheduled

The 2021 competition will be held in Tokyo.