We have officially decided to bid for the WorldSkills Competition 2028!

Stay updated on the latest developments for WSC2028 bidding and more.

One School One Skill is a career-oriented program
where Champions from various Skills
visit schools nationwide as instructors,
showcasing real skills.
By experiencing these skills together,
students gain exposure to the possibilities of Skills,
learning that everyone can be a future bearer of these trades.

This original Japanese initiative evolved from the One School One Country program,
which premiered during the 2007 WorldSkills Competition in Shizuoka.

Should Japan host the 2028 WorldSkills Competition,
we intend to create an even greater initiative
by integrating the One School One Skill
and One School One Country programs.

In 2024, to build momentum for the WSC2028 bid,
Japan's champions will collaborate with their alma maters!

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