The story of the competitors. How did they come into contact with the skills and how did they meet with the skills competition?
From each person's way of life, we will explain the influence that the experience of the competitions has had on the subsequent work and career path, and introduce the wonder of the way to live with skills as lifework.

One School One Skill Program is advance practice based on One SchoolOne Country Program. At the WS2007, One School One Country Program was an initiative started by Japan's advocacy. In One School One Skill Program, WS Medalist visit schools in nationwide, demonstrating skills and experiencing skills together, and showcasing the possibilities of skills.

This is the NEXT TVET Program that learns everyone is a future bearer. One School One Skill Program is under the cooperation of everyone who supports skills. This is a co-project for the better future with WS Medalists.

Skill Me! is an attempt to move the stage into the city and event venues to provide skills and careers experience for more childrens.
This is a future contribution project in which the competitors who participate in the skills competition serve as instructors to learn the fun and difficulty of skills through real experiences and deliver unforgettable time and experience.